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What is Flat Tummy Tea?

What does Flat Tummy Tea do and how does it work?
Flat Tummy Tea has been specially designed by combining 100% natural ingredients to help beat the bloat and flatten your tummy!
Flat Tummy Tea is a two or four week program which helps to cleanse the toxin build up in your digestive tract, to reduce the excess water weight you're carrying, to increase your metabolism and boost your immune system.
Thousands of girls worldwide are reporting and loving the light weight, bloat free feeling and probably more importantly, a confidence boost they've needed to feel good and kick start a healthier lifestyle. You can read more about the products and their benefits on the 'Why we love it' page and see some of our customer’s results here.

What do I get in a FTT detox pack?
2 Week Trim detox:

  • 1 pack of Everyday Flat Tummy with enough loose leaf tea for 14 days
  • 1 pack of Flat Tummy Afresh with enough loose leaf tea for 14 days
  • Directions 

4 Week Trim detox:

  • 1 pack of Everyday Flat Tummy with enough loose leaf tea for 28 days
  • 1 pack of Flat Tummy Afresh with enough loose leaf tea for 28 days
  • Directions 

Flat Tummy Tea is 100% natural.
Everyday Flat Tummy - Taraxacum leaf and root, Galium aparine, Camellia Sinensis, Scrophularia, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Mentha × Piperita, Carum Carvi Disambiguation, Melissa Officinalis, Foeniculum Vulgare
Flat Tummy Afresh - Senna Alexandrina pods and leaf, Foeniculum Vulgare, Taraxacum root, Mentha × Piperita, Melissa Officinalis, Carum Carvi, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rheum Rhabarbarum


We love hearing from our happy customers!  It so encouraging for us here at Flat Tummy Tea and we love sharing our customer’s results with all of our followers on social media. If you have any feedback, please share it with us at

Postage - Worldwide now available!
We are so excited to be able to ship our tea to girls all around the world!

How long does postage take and how much is it?

  • Standard Postage: FREE!  Delivery is approximately 3 - 7 working days (no signature on delivery required, no tracking number)
  • Express Post: $12.95. Delivery is approximately 2 - 3 working days delivery after it is shipped (dispatched same or next day from when you order)


  • FREE first class mail. Delivery is approximately 3-7 working days.

Rest of the World 

  • Standard Postage: $9.95. Delivery is approximately 1 - 3 weeks depending on location (no signature on delivery required, no tracking number). Occasionally customs spot check international parcels which can hold delivery for up to 20 working days. 


During your detox

Should I exercise during my detox?
We always recommend moderate exercise, regardless of whether you're detoxing or not but for maximum results while drinking our Flat Tummy Tea, we highly recommend a regular exercise routine. Whether that's 30 sit ups a day and a light jog twice a week or it's a run everyday, exercising is an essential part of a healthy mind, tummy and soul. No one ever regrets a workout and is amazing to kick start a healthy digestive system!

What does the tea taste like?
Like a yummy, calming, natural herbal tea! We have had so much feedback from customers saying they love the taste!  However, if you like, you can add a little lemon or honey to taste :)

Will Flat Tummy Tea send me running to the bathroom? 

Flat Tummy Tea is made up of 2 different types of tea, Everyday Flat Tummy and Flat Tummy Afresh. The Flat Tummy Afresh tea does contain one natural herb which can help you go to the bathroom.  However, this is very gentle and you can control the strength of the effect by infusing the tea leaves for more or less time. 

Will it affect my contraceptive pill?
The gentle effect that the Flat Tummy Afresh tea has, as above, may alter the accuracy of your contraceptive pill if you go to the bathroom soon after taking your pill. We recommend using extra precautionary protection on top of the pill when on a Flat Tummy Tea detox to be safe and talking to your GP if you are concerned.

Are there any side effects to the tea? 

As mentioned throughout this website and FAQ page, the Flat Tummy Afresh tea has a gentle component to it which is different for everyone but can increase bathroom visits. It should not however cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, severe cramping etc. You can alter the strength by infusing the tea for less time if you wish. If you do experience any of these symptoms, please consider that you may be allergic to one of the herbs in the tea (ingredients can be found on the product page) and consult your GP.

How do I make the tea?
Both our 'everyday' tea and our 'afresh' tea is loose leaf tea, so it does not come in tea bags.  You can put one teaspoon of loose leaf tea into one cup of boiling water and drink, or we prefer to use a little infuser/steeper to infuse the leaves.  After letting them sit for 3-10 minutes, remove them before you drink the tea.  For all who have been asking, see our vid below!



Payment, checkout and refunds

I don't have a credit card. Can I pay another way? 

Yes, you can. We now have PayPal available as a payment option on our site or if you wish to do a bank transfer, please email us at

What happens if my detox doesn't arrive, or is lost in transit?

Once orders are shipped, they are the property of Australia Post or your local postal service. Flat Tummy Tea is legally not responsible for lost or damaged goods. However, on the rare occasion that this may happen, we will do all we can to resolve this for you J  For more information or to query your delivery, contact us via email at

What if I used the wrong address when I purchased?

Once a parcel is shipped, we are unable to make any changes to the address or change the course of the parcel.  It's really important that you enter the correct address when purchasing. You will receive an order confirmation email straight after ordering which details which address you entered. If at that point you recognise it as the wrong address, please email us at right away so we can amend this before sending. We’re sorry but we are not able to refund you or resend your parcel free of charge if you have supplied an incorrect address so please double check.

*Our checkout currency is in USD. If you are paying with a different currency, depending on your bank, they may charge you a small international transaction fee. 

More questions?
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